It’s the structural part in the creation of a garden. It involves creating structures by cutting and filling to lay out paths and volumes, provide slopes for the evacuation of rainwater, in addition to drainage, foundations and other works…

Landscape masonry

Landscape masonry consists in building or restoring walls, low-walls, borders, pavements, steps and terraces.

We also offer our skills and experience for other major works, such as the creation of barbecue lawns, gabion retaining walls and partition walls.


A water point in the garden adds life to it.

We are very attached to this concept of basin and we offer you our exquisite creations. We decorate them with various aquatic plants.

Our water pieces are unique and are perfectly adapted to their settings. They combine several styles, materials and techniques (ironwork, masonry…).


Based on our knowledge of botany, we now can now ensure a revival in the plant world by offering you a variety of rare and original plantations.

We are constantly looking for new plants to amaze and surprise you with a variety of shapes and colours while minimising water consumption and maintenance. We also offer “alternative lawns,” flower meadows and grass cover, in compliance with current notions of sustainable development.

Roof and vertical garden

Planting on the roof or facade requires a set of materials and plants, with the goal of ensuring the sustainability of the vegetation and the construction. This technique allows to revegetate by harmonising and balancing areas that may often be too mineral.


To prolong the pleasure and enjoy your garden, create a new vision, a warm atmosphere.
A well-placed spot gives the garden a depth, great pleasure and aesthetic effect, playing with shadows, light and colours.
Taking advantage of the shadow zones, we visually recreate a garden that can become your new and dynamic living space.


The installation of a watering system brings an undeniable comfort and water saving. To prepare your gardening project, a specialist comes to you for conducting a study and drafting an execution plan, after defining your needs.
Our services cover both design and execution.
We also provide the installation of a pumping station for your borewell.

Wrought iron creations

We offer since 2006 our artistic wrought iron creations to decorate your gardens. A shady wrought iron arbour, a contemporary basin, our work is to build a unit in your garden with appropriate planting. These artistic structures will create a unique atmosphere in your garden, intimate and special.

Ecological swimming pool

As an extension of your gardening project, we propose the creation of a pool in natural wood.
In partnership with O2 Pool, we offer you swimming pools 100% ecological, recyclable, flexible and economical. The wood species selected come from our French forest regions, and are long lasting. Combining architectural compromise and exterior design, these natural pools offer a unique rendering and colours.

A custom design is offered, with a simple and efficient installation.
For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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