Personalised study

This is a dossier specific to your garden that summarises the tasks required to ensure the longevity of your garden (landscape analysis, social, economic, soil and climate, spatial and functional study, layout drawing, sketch, graphic elevation, cross-section, etc. )
This complete dossier allows you to view your project in its entirety so that you can execute it on your own or obtain an estimate for its execution by our services.

Pre-project study

We prepare a thorough and complete study for each design project.

Our work philosophy is to create a garden according to your choice, a garden that is unique. And not just another garden, duplicated and stereotyped.
For this, after studying your needs and expectations in terms of design, we propose several layout plans during this preliminary design phase.
These are very different from one another, and meet your requirements exactly, to allow you to select the right atmosphere for your garden. These options will be presented in the form of sketches.



This occurs after you decide the final version of your project.

It combines several atmospheres contained in the various sketches of the pre-project study. We create the garden you desire, taking into account your personality and your preferences.
The landscape plan proposed by us contains sketches of the ambience, photomontages and a set of photographs to help you better visualise the final project.

Technical study

This study will complement the final project.

It includes drawings and technical cross-sections (watering plans and lighting plans as necessary), a comprehensive range of plants. The goal here is to build a complete and detailed dossier to best help you realise your expectations.

Plan and estimate

Turnkey garden

We offer you the possibility to execute your project by choosing a simple formula, including :

  • An overall sketch of your garden after analysing your desires ;
  • Preparation of a cost estimate ;
  • Execution in the field ;

Examples of Plans & Sketches