Extensive management of green spaces

In accordance with the principles of differentiated management, our extensive management is based on stringent conditions relating to the environment. We recommend today that you should follow a contemporary and ecological approach consistent with the current environmental and economic context.

Through water saving, reduction of pesticide use (zero-phytosanitary-law 2018), a prudent management (free size and reasoned development of plantations) and the use of auxiliary horticultural methods (biological control of pests), we propose to create for you natural and environmentally friendly gardens.


Our services include :

  • Securing the site
  • Pruning or felling safely with harnesses, ropes and lanyards
  • Grinding and evacuation of branches
  • Clean-up after works
  • The tree care


We specialise in all kinds of maintenance such as trimming of trees and structures. As well as the trimming of all types of hedges, columnar cypress, olive trees, etc.

Garden maintenance

You have just bought a house and the garden has been abandoned or you simply do not have time to maintain it, our maintenance crews can perform general maintenance of your garden, for restoring it to good condition, at reasonable costs.


Whether mineral or vegetable, the main aim of mulching is to limit interventions in flowerbeds.
Indeed this cover can limit the regrowth of weeds or at least facilitate pulling them out, keeps moisture which limits watering. Finally it offers a very interesting aesthetic visual effect.

Phyto-sanitary treatment

We offer several types of treatment to treat or prevent diseases of plant organisms.
Our specialised and trained teams will first perform a phyto-sanitary diagnostics to determine the best treatment possible, by promoting the use of biological products or alternatives to chemical products, the latter being used only in the last resort.

Maintenance contract

To make your life easier, we propose to jointly develop a maintenance contract containing all your needs. We focus on the most important work to best suit your budget, we also offer to develop a maintenance schedule.

Your garden deserves to be maintained by a professional

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